• (Drum roll please)


    Welcome to the PLM Academy!


    Reggae heroes Musical Youth once wisely said ‘this generation rules the nation’.


    We at the People Like Me (PLM) Academy would agree with them, wouldn’t you?


    Young people of today are the innovators of tomorrow. In a world where technology is constantly changing and growing, we need empowering young people to catalyse this change. Our mission is to empower young people to strive for success, regardless of their backgrounds (we don’t care about that – we care about potential!)


    The People Like Me (PLM) Academy is our educational impact hub supporting this mission.


    Let’s lay down the facts –

    Digital skills are needed more than ever in this economy and the more you have the more employable you are.


    Did you know the U.K. has a digital skills crisis? - 750,000 workers are needed this year to fill this deficit? - BBC


    Our aim is to help resolve this crisis. The PLM Academy aims to spark the interest in young people to show the economic and social benefits of learning digital skills, whilst engaging in a project which will help their community.

  • So, what's our proposal?

    An inspiring educational movement

    Summer School trial

    We aim to produce a network of socially conscious leaders.


    30 students, 12 weeks (sessions), 1 social project.


    The 30 students will be divided into 6 teams and given a brief (an interesting one, of course!) and each team will have their own mentor. Over the course of 12 different sessions, each team will produce a product/service, a short advert and actively use a digital platform to engage with their community.

    An snapshot of some of the sessions covered...

    • An intro into HTML
    • Social Media marketing
    • Budgets, booking keeping and tax
    • Engagment through videos
    • How to present, project and pitch

    Digital Technology Academy

    Upskilling semi-experienced to work with digital platforms.


    12 workshops, industry experts, 1 goal.


    Simply put, we will provide under 25's with an excellent grounding in digital marketing, with the aim of improving their job prospects. Every student will create a portfolio after each workshop and one very lucky student will win a paid internship (get your A game on guys).


    A sneak peek at some of the workshops covered...

    • SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Content Creation
    • Social Media
    • Storytelling
  • How will The PLM Academy deliver this?

    This is just the beginning for our summer school and digital technology academy

    Social Entrepreneurship

    Inspiring the youths to think social

    Hosting a competition for 16 - 18 year old's to produce a product or service that encourages and educates the benefits of recycling. We are keen to show the commercial sustainability in social enterprises.


    Educating the youths on technology and entrepreneurship

    Delivering motivational sessions with inspiring young mentors (under 35). Through both streams, we want to connect industry experts with those who are ambitious to succeed .


    Encouraging development

    Inviting inspiring experts to help nurture the creative intuition, guide the business and commercial acumen, and plant the desire for our young people to want to do more.


    Creating a platform and network of supporting growth

    We want to make sure everyone who enters our programme is more employable with transferable skills, and evidence to show for it. Within our up skill workshops, we will support this transition.

  • So, who are the faces behind PLM Academy?

    The best of both worlds.

    andre, lewis, plm, people like me,

    Andre Lewis

    Founder - Self dubbed creative mess 

    A true believer in the power of education in whatever capacity to unlock your drive. Actively involved in social entrepreneurship since the age of 15.

    Melissa Wills

    Operations Director - All things women in tech

    Driven to provide more opportunities to allow other women to get involved in technology. An impressive portfolio in producing and managing a variety of events.

  • Number crunching time...

    The results can speak for themselves.


    The number of 15 - 25 year olds we aim to impact between October 2016 - May 2017, through our 2 different streams


    The provisional award amount secured from Unltd to help us unlock underused space in Havering.


    The minimum amount of weekly workshops we are planning to deliver across 7 months


    The minimum number of months we are committed to spend on our follow up and support. We want to see if our programmes influence decisions to study courses at university or take part in activities.


    The average salary our potential candidates could earn after receiving these up skill workshop sessions upon the completion of their portfolio.


    The total number of young people we aim to reach on a monthly average by September 2019. We aim to be in 8 London boroughs providing workshops and networking opportunities.

  • How can you help us achieve our goals?

    We do not expect the world! But you can help us change it....

    A space

    Our budget is very limited, and we would love to invest our money into providing more impact through the technology, workshops and events we host. However, a space which allows collaborative work, hosting sessions, and easy to access are they key factors we are looking for. We don't mind refurbishing.

    The R.O.I

    By providing a space at a rate which will allow us to deliver more impact, we will provide a stream of young people who will be exposed to your business. In addition to this, we will work with our networks to promote a PR campaign, one which has allowed us to begin our journey to help better equip our youths.


    Our end vision is to use a space which will allow us to become commercially viable. From this trial, we will be able to evaluate from our learning and put in measures in place to ensure we mitigate any errors when we are working with future clients. We aim to pay a competitive rate in late 2018.

    Advisers and mentors

    A core success to these workshops are the experts we bring in. Whether that is someone leading a workshop, judging our presentations, or being an adviser for the executive team, we value what we can learn from you, and respect whatever time or resources you are able to provide.

    The R.O.I

    Can we really put a measurement on the satisfaction somebody feels when they have made a connection with others to truly enrich their lives. Even if they do not realise it at the moment in time. Those who are already established can contribute to the development of our future leaders. How great is that?


    It would be amazing to have a future led relationship, as we aim to go national for 2020. We want to understand your time constraints, and harness what you can offer. We have plans to ensure our mentors and advisers know how important they are to us, and we strive on building a lasting relationship.

    A greater network

    At current, we operate as a small team with a bold idea! Any support in connecting us to further industry experts would be hugely beneficial to the development of what we are trying to achieve. Whether that is an hour with HR, half a day in head office, support in any capacity is appreciated.


    "I've learned that people will forget what you said..., but people will never forget how you made them feel". We live by this quote by Maya Angelou, and we believe in giving back when and where we can. Who knows what could happen, one of the students we up skill could be the perfect hire for you!


    As we continue to build our brand from our humble beginnings, we will work on our external communications plan to ensure everyone within our network is not only up to date with our progress, but will also benefit from some of the opportunities we will eventually be able to provide.

  • Join us

    We are growing and looking for fun, ambitious people!

    Would you like to be in charge of our end of programme pitch day and awards ceremony?


    Roughly 5 hours a week

    Do you have a passion for identifying talent and planning for development?


    Roughly 8 hours a week

    Are you somebody who likes to engage with and train a group of people sharing a common goal?


    Roughly 8 hours a week

    Do you enjoying creating engaging visuals to help tell a story? Are you keen to learn marketing principles?


    Roughly 5 hours a week

    Other roles?

    Maybe you see yourself in our team and we do not know it yet. Use the form below to tell us about it and we will see if there is room for you :)

    We no longer are recruiting for this role, however, if you feel there is room for you take a look at the job description and email us in.

  • So...did we win you over with our mission?

    You + PLM Academy = An amazing social champion